About Us

Nanobeauty recognized the positive effects of using Brazilian keratin treatments. The treatments introduced an alternative way of straightening hair without the use of harsh chemicals and equally protecting it from constant use of hot styling irons by giving the hair a protective keratin coat. Established in 2010, London, UK, NanoBeauty has worked hard in offering its buyers the the top ranked Brazilian Keratin treatments. Nanobeauty brings you our own top selling brazilian keratin treatments being the home use formulas original and choco keratin (formaldehyde free) as well as our choco professional. We later teamed up with the worldly recognized Cocochoco and INOAR, becoming an Authorized distributor of their extensive range of Brazilian keratin Treatments and aftercare products. With this is mind, our customers also have the peace of mind of knowing that they are purchasing not only the best of the best but also 100% genuine products. Happy Shopping!